For those who have never been pregnant, as well as those who have been, you will need to keep up with the terms, cycles, needs and many other essential things you need to know about pregnancy:

1. Mood changes

One of the first indicative signs that a pregnancy is indeed underway is the easy to spot mood changes. These sudden, and sometimes drastic, changes in mood will come in waves.

Be prepared by practicing patience in dealing with things that seem trivial and at times, pointless. To a pregnant woman, anything can seem like a big deal.

2. Stress about names

Soon after a new pregnancy is announced, the name games begin. You know what I’m talking about, we’ve all witnessed it or even taken part.

A few names get passed around, the list grows, and sooner than later there are so many names floating around that the pressure to pick the perfect one begins to settle in.

Pre-selecting a list of your favorite boy and girl names, and setting it aside while kicking around names with family and friends is encouraged.

3. The seemingly never-ending world of weeks

When you or your loved one becomes pregnant, all of a sudden everything is measured in weeks.

You are meeting up with said friend(s), they are enthusiastically gushing about the first trimester and you are smiling and nodding.

Secretly, you are continually consulting with Google to check how many months along you really are precisely.

4. Scary words (and doctor visits)

Next up, yes you guessed it is the doctor visits. Even here the jargon seems to change from doctor to midwife.

Then the scary words like “antenatal appointment” and the worst of all, “labor.” At this point, just about anything may begin to sound scarier than it actually is.

Be patient and assure that pregnant party they are doing excellent.

5. Lunch and dinner dates change

They say change is inevitable and growth is optional. In this case, it is essential, with this comes the need to nurture the body.

It is however at this time that the body decides what it likes, dislikes, and the quantities thereof.

This will have a ripple effect on the afore-mentioned lunch and dinner dates, as certain eateries will be more singled out or avoided altogether.

6. The cravings

Cravings are your best friend or worst enemy when you’re pregnant or catering to someone who is.

If you are a friend, an ice cream craving might be mutually beneficial. After all, can you have a better excuse to indulge?

However, if you are the partner and this craving comes at a somewhat strange hour, it’s just not the same.

Moreover, the completely random yet strangely periodic frequency of these cravings can be quite intense for all parties involved.

7. Morning sickness

Oh boy, the “Morning Sickness” subheading says it all. If you have ever been pregnant, or have been close to someone who has, It’s absolutely self-explanatory.

We all know those words and just what they mean. Enough said.

8. Buying that first gift

You may consider picking up a simple first gift as a walk in the park right? I mean, you just go to the baby shop and purchase a gift. Think again.

The complexity of buying that special gift creates a whole new level of stress depending on how serious you take this task.

You’ll need to keep in mind aspects such as:

  • Is it a Boy or a Girl (or do you even know)?
  • What color is the most suitable (especially if you don’t know the sex of the baby)?
  • Do you consider soft toys versus educational toys (or just pick the same old stuff everyone does like a rattle or plastic house keys)?
  • Then there is the whole deal where you have to pay careful attention to age restrictions

Newsflash, this doesn’t get easier, in fact as baby grows, their preferences come into play even more. If you’re the pregnant party, prepare to learn what your children like (they won’t have it any other way)!

9. The baby shower

To be enjoyed by all. After all who can resist the little outfits? As at this time the gender is generally known.

Now is your chance to buy the mini-me apparel and shoes. Once again be mindful of the sizes, as ironically it is better to buy a bigger size.

Knowing how many people are attending the shower, and have an idea of what sort of gifts they will buy, is also crucial information. That way, you can provide the most useful assistance possible.

10. The final days before giving birth (and scary stories about labor)

Last but far from least are the terrible stories that get passed around about horrifying experiences with labor. Whether you’re the storyteller or the audience, these are rarely every enjoyable.

Do yourself a favor and avoid these scary stories about labor, especially when around the pregnant party. Be courteous enough t wait until after the baby is born to indulge in those gruesome tales.

Understanding the Essentials Things You Need to Know About Pregnancy

A small child kissing its mothers pregnant stomach.

As confusing as all this appear at first, from days to weeks to reaching the home stretch, it is all relevant. An experience shared, although only the mother-to-be truly knows what it all feels like. Most of all this is and continues to be an education for us all.

What do you think is the most important aspect to understand about the pitfalls of pregnancy lingos?

Thanks for reading. Here’s to understanding the most essential things you need to know about pregnancy!

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