Anyone can achieve anything, i.e. job, relationship, even returning as a twin or being the sole survivor of a natural disaster.

Soap Opera writes have to be applauded for the amount of time they can take to cover any given period. They know how to stretch any storyline and make one emotion into a storyline per episode, which can at a stretch, so to speak take one storyline into 2 weeks. Now add plenty of add breaks and one or two humorous simultaneously run story lines to achieve this. This to keep the audience in suspense, whilst creating the illusion that everything is not around the main bizarre story line.

Anything is possible in soap life, the packing of a suitcase or whole life in the matter of 10 minutes, instant life decisions and executing it on the spot. Most notably a beverage never runs out. Alternatively a couple of episodes are dedicated to soul wrenching indecision regarding the potential life changing event.

It takes a skill indeed to be able to have more than one storyline playing/ competing. Some soaps tend to focus on certain characters, ending the whole plot, 4 days, 2 weeks (if you excel at stretching it) before moving on to the next plot.

One storyline comes to mind where the young male lead was held captive, in the interim his fiancé came to the conclusion that he had left her. So she not only starts a relationship with his brother, but gets engaged and married to him. We swiftly move on to the honeymoon, tender scenes of love that will not forsake you, see the cue. While all this plays out the dashing aforementioned male lead, regains (sort of) his consciousness, manages to escape and find his way towards his fiancé. They reunite on a deserted beach.

Here is where ingenious writing comes in. Day one of the reunion, they are overwhelmed, obviously she can’t share her news. Day two she is pondering it still, give them some happy moments I hear you. Day three, he sees the ring on her finger, what happened to his 20/20 vision before that? Day four he asks her what is the meaning of it, cue long stares, teary eyes, stuttering. Day five, he asks her pain evident, are you married, Day six (Evidently a new week, as soaps tend to run Mondays to Fridays) so you are married, don’t want to know to who, we are together. Day seven, so you did marry didn’t wait for me he asks forlornly; she passionately shares her love for him and heartache over his leaving. Day eight he says he didn’t leave voluntarily, circumstances that led her to believe that he is gone. Day nine she sees it now. Day ten, they both see it now. Drum roll it’s a new week.

Day 11 he changed his mind he does want to know who she is married to, she is shocked (gasp), didn’t see that one coming (for obvious reasons we need more episodes on this one) Day 12 She starts to tell him, yes she is married, yes we sort of got that. Day 13 Confession time, yes she is married to before she can utter his name, he interrupts her, no better not to know. Day 14 they decided together they are stronger they can face this, still no name. Boy they are good. Day 15 Finally the shocker, she is married (yes we know that) to his, let’s wait for it…. his brother.

3 weeks for a confession, excellent going and the 04th week is dedicated to his shock and confusion over this news. In all this the other characters don’t really feature, i.e. the new husband or any family members, yet we keep watching!

Kudos to the narrators, the ones that can have more than one story line simultaneously.  The ones that cleverly insert local current news into the episode as well. Whether one or more, your favorite is yours for a reason –Happy Watching

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