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Senza una donna, the Zucchero and Paul Young song collaboration reminds. Yes those words still wrung true – especially today. Society perceive women in a certain way, be it workforce, health or social. The world as we know it: stigma, vulnerability equals weak, similarities; aside we should celebrate our differences instead. Vrouw magazine, headed by Micaela Scholtz is proof of the contrary, without a woman the world as we know it won’t survive.


Womanhood is like peeling an orange. The hard skin will only give way, when you persistently peel the layer, exposing the fruit, until you reach the wedges. They have a sweet sour taste, depending on the season. Vrouw magazine celebrates all those seasons.

It shows us that the celebration lies in the discovery that the revelation of your story brings solace, sense of camaraderie, joy and most of all peace when all is revealed. This find lies in the very act of telling your story, warts and all, despite the consequences.

These very consequences lead to the consequential journey of discovery of self and day-to-day acceptance. As acceptance is a growth period, easily susceptible to doubt, self loath and fear of rejection.

Micaela, currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Graphic Design at the Nelson Mandela University, knows this all too well. She showcases her journey with Endometriosis, the pain, the vulnerability, the daily struggle and  the discovery that others not only share in this journey, regardless of age, but have a need to be heard, affirming you are not different nor solitary.

One of her mentors Inge Economou describes her as a powerful combination of quiet resilience, strength, disarming authenticity and openness. This is evident in her ability to create the Vrouw platform where women feel comfortable to engage in issues close to their heart. This is far cry from some beauty magazines that make you feel ugly.

The Bird Street Galley, a hub of activity for the visual arts department recently hosted the successful launch of Vrouw Magazine Volume 1. Here’s a sneak preview at the table of contents: READ HERE


Gugu Peteni chooses yellow as her colour of acceptance without ignorance.  She believes in feeling and inhaling her beauty and then expressing it. What would you like to be expressed, to see, to touch and embrace with other women as your own in the spirit of sisterhood.

The following themes come to mind. Let us know what you would like to read about or see trending.

Women in male dominated professions, be it doctor, plumber or pilot

Women allowed to drive for the first time in Saudi Arabia

Malala Yousafzai , the Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize Winner born in1997

Professional women versus being mom, or doing both

# Me too campaign – not only applicable to Hollywood

Gay – not a different culture

Albinism – successful modelling careers

Internships, stalwarts teaching students, the real lesson from these women

Different provinces, same challenges

Creativity and creating a livelihood for example The Tea Bag Company in Hout Bay, Handbags out of recycled tea bags making their way to Paris, yes Paris France.

Living with HIV Aids and Surviving Cancer



To be continued.

Vrouw Side Cover

To those women who have passed, your light, your likeliness shines on be it your work, your children, most of all your enthusiasm for your craft and braveness taking that first step to do what you want and to say how you really feel.

Eleanor Roosevelt said “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  So let’s celebrate the  intricate layers of women and being a woman instead. What better platform than Vrouw Magazine.



Contact: Micaela Scholtz

Phone: 076 814 1352


Facebook: Vrouw MagazineZA

Instagram: @vrouwmagazineza

Website:www.vrouwmagazine.co.za (coming soon)







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