China Town – anything is possible, in any colour, size or shape. This all a hundred times over. If one is out of stock, it’s readily replace with another model, be it a different size or shape.

Like it or lump it. They never run out of stock. You got to LOVE that. The newer man made China towns situated in or close to a shopping mall, even accept credit cards. This is not the norm with the authentic ones.

Stop, before you turn a blind eye, thinking you don’t shop there. You might want to adjust that train of thought. Yes you retail shopper you. Where do the retailers get their supply? Have you ever checked the label – manufactured in the People’s Republic of China?

Research has shown an increase in trade with the East with many African countries and the EU. The South African presidency has renewed trade relationships with China and its counterparts. It has shown significant growth.

Imagine if retailers had to display where products were made in the shop window. In the spirit of Ubuntu, do turn your next purchase around to check exactly that. How many times was it done in your home country? Like buying a pig in a poke you say, that coin has, as always, two sides.

There is something to be said of their business acumen. Retail is in their blood, many grow up with it or rather in it. The shops all have their own atmosphere. The assistant is avidly assuring you of how well the product (be it clothes or any other item) suits you, whilst the cashier is avidly watching a video (loudly) on the small screen and simultaneously keeping an eye. As far as the clothes sizes go, let’s be honest, it differs vastly from anywhere in the world, yet we keep going back.

Name an item you have bought from China, knowingly or not. How long did it last or outlived a more expense retail version. This same longevity can be seen as generations pass on the retail bug, hard work evident. Perhaps one of the most memorable experiences was when we saw an elderly gentleman serenely sitting behind the counter of one such a shop, no assistant in sight. As we remarked that anyone could disappear without paying, we saw the sign in the shop window. The gentleman was seemingly meditating, yet his peripheral awareness heightened to such an extent, that he immediately stopped, when he saw us looking at it.

It was written in Chinese. What does it say? He answered amusedly, “Kung Fu Master, Shoplift if you dare”

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