Sunday, Show house, so far so good everything looks like the brochure the estate agent gave us. We are visiting a lifestyle estate, the new (or current) trend. Competition is tough, different estates offering a variety of living quarter options, pathways, maybe a fitness centre, pool and outdoor activities. They almost outdo the artist impression of the centre.

You know the ones, you see in glossy magazine, or as a wide spread in your favourite weekly newspaper. The ones you browse pass, but do keep it in the back of your mind- should it come up in a dinner conversation of course.

We viewed the show apartments and duplets. All are impressive with a modern open plan design. We then decided to have a walk through the estate, as the agent was busy with a trendy couple, with a baby in a pushchair, not unlike many of the inhabitants we have seen thus far. As we set out, we see a number of people walking their dogs, as the walk progresses so does the size of these animals. Or so it seemed, how are they allowed to have medium to large sized dogs in this environment. The brochure clearly stated small animals only. The estate might be quite big, but the actual outside “living spaces” (per unit) are not.

The number of animals also increased. One can only hope that the owners actually do walk them on a regular basis, as they are otherwise confined to a small space, not unlike the boxed apartments that is part and parcel of city living. You know the ones, where you can hear when your neighbour opens his tap as the somehow adjoining pipes starts humming as soon as he does. These estates are supposedly one up from that, yet the more units on the estate, the more capital for the developers (surely). This decreases the advertised “living space” of man’s best friend.

As we potter along, pondering this, a movement in one of the ground floor units caught the attention. A furry grey ball of energy, jumping towards the ajar upper window. It’s a kitten playfully pawing at the window, a green eyed focus on the bird movement outside. We continued to see all the facilities on offer.

On our return the kitten is still sitting in the window, with an almost forlorn expression on its face. I caught its eye, the glint in those emerald eyes was brief, almost excited that someone is there, yet fleeting, as it was replaced with a knowing look, you are just passing by and I am still inside. Sincerely hope and pray that the kitty (as so many others) will get out to play.

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