It’s been a long day. You are standing in the queue at your local supermarket; the only express part is the sign above the cashier’s head professing to be just that.

The queue reaches a standstill. The barcode on an item doesn’t scan, the cashier ask the packer to get another one. You share a collective sigh with the four patrons in front of you. Attention wonders to the magazine racks, showcasing latest spring fashions. As the warmer weather has smiled upon us, many have enthusiastically embraced the switch from winter clothing.

As you proceed to expect your own outfit, hastily assembled in the morning- going- to- work- rush. The packer has return, alas with the wrong item and is send back. You see shoppers with trolleys smugly passing towards the exit, not everything is express after all. You look down at your new shoes bought in honour of the spring welcome. Only to be greeted by a hairy patch on your ankle. Small, but THERE.

Without further ado, let’s get to it. Why do you always discover this in the most unlikely situations? Then you wonder how long have you been walking around like that. In certain parts of the world this won’t raise a hairy (no pun) eyebrow, in fact they would encourage more patches. Granted an ankle miss is better than a face hit. Admit it, you have experienced it and don’t want the t-shirt. Those unwanted hairs that seem to disappear when you have one of a girl’s best grooming friends (aka tweezers) at hand.

They then magically find their way back in public bathrooms, dressing rooms or spaces where you can’t pull or push without drawing attention. The emphasis here is public, rarely when you have all your grooming weapons at your disposable. They tend to time their visits too, time and place and company where you feel uncomfortable to remove them. Only your besties, long time partners and spa therapist (if you have one) have seen them, not exactly a blind date type of conversation.

Good news is that the methods of the removing the little rascals have improved. The wonderful (the degree of wonderful debatable) world of waxing might be another conversation all together though. Bad news, yes always two sides to a story, is that the spots on your body that these invaders choose differ as time passes. You might encounter them, where you have never seen them before as you grow older. Take the feet for example, why do they decide they like your mode of transport all of a sudden.

As I take my leave on that note with my mode of transport securely hidden in closed shoes, no hairy toe in sight, all we can say is welcome to a women’s world. One few understand and we are in it, but to be embraced and treasured all the same.

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